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Score and Rental Parts available from Subito Music

*Study Score also available

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Upon Daybreak for Orchestra is a 15-minute orchestral journey whose commission was made possible through New Music USA's Amplifying Voices program; commissioning a total of 9 composers from underrepresented groups who each have their own respective consortium of co-commissioning orchestras.


To learn more about Amplifying Voices, click here


Amplifying Voices is powered by the Sphinx Venture Fund, with additional support from ASCAP, the Sorel Organization, and Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation.

Consortium Lead


Co-Commissioning Partner Orchestras

Sunrise on Nature

About the Work

For many years I've sat and contemplated what music in a world without hatred or malice would sound like. I imagine this picturesque utopia with sound that engulfs the listener with abundant joy; an everlasting serenade; an ode of triumph.


This work is deeply inspired by the rapturous words of Dr. Maya Angelou in her poem "A Brave, Startling Truth." I am filled with great awe at the thought of finally arriving at the great "day of peacemaking" which she describes so beautifully. What a glorious day that will be "when we come to it."

-Brian Raphael Nabors





2222 | 4221 | timp+3 perc, harp, pno, strings

Chamber Orchestra:

2222 | 2210 | timp+2 perc, harp, piano, strings

Set to premiere/consortium performances: 

October 2022-2024/2025.

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