Until Dawn

for Until Dawn (2021)

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"Until Dawn is a reflective journey from darkness to light. This journey is symbolic of the tumultuous times that have befallen the United States and the world in the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic and racial civil unrest for the majority of the year 2020.

Our world is experiencing a state of darkness, where separation has crippled our social interaction. Nevertheless, in this time of grief and isolation, we are not powerless. Music has always been there to propel us through the darkest moments in history. For the listener, I seek to write this work as a reminder of steadfast optimism, which for me encompasses the belief that “joy comes in the morning.”

It is the result of the sheer audacity to believe that if we hold on, press forward, and lead with love and compassion, we will indeed see our morning, where effervescent light will drive out darkness and the hands of compassion will cradle us all.”

-Brian Raphael Nabors