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for Trombone and Piano  (2019)

Score and Parts available from Subito Music

Click Here to view score

Rhapsody for Trombone and Piano was written for trombonist Tyler Simms. I was excited to compose this piece as it was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to write for brass in the context of a chamber setting. I had fun pushing the limits of the trombone in both the high and low registers. The piece is divided into 3 sections (fast, slow, fast). The piece begins with the main theme in the piano giving a  short introduction as the trombone enters with stark glissandi. The trombone finally states the theme and is thoroughly developed throughout the first section. The theme is interchanged between the piano and the trombone until the first climax of the piece is reached.


The second section is a quiet, tranquil exploration of harmony and timbre. The trombone is laden with lyricism against the piano’s deep rich chords.


Slowly, both instruments transition back into the beginning material before the theme is then taken into a coda and is shouted by both trombone and piano to a halting end.

Rhapsody for trombone & piano is featured on Kenneth Thompkins album, Compelling Portraits.

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