• Brian Raphael Nabors

“Poems of Isolation” Book I, No. 4-6

Continuing on in our journey through this rugged year of 2020, I offer 3 more of my humble poetic musings to complete the first book of the Nabors Quarantine Poems...Be well, stay safe and take a little time to enjoy the small things...

IV. Luminance (Sunny Days/Optimism)

Exuberant radiance,

that's what we see...

Out of an abyss

of seems like a sea of cloudy days,

overcast with broken dreams, heartache,

and pending utility bills,

I can finally see the light.

Our big boiling ball of wonder,

with its "problem-erasing" waves

caressing my chilled, icy, neglected skin.

What an opportunity this is

to gaze at an open sky,

endless and teeming with

existential vastness.

Thank you majestic fireball,

for your rays of revealing wisdom,

allowing all to see and feel

the physical and emotional

presence of life.

V. Abyss (Ocean/Mystery)

Another world lay hidden

beneath the billows deep;

our very genesis defined

by its ominous keep.

The tides of wonder,

its depths of old,

the wealth of stories to be told.

Its beauty kept by creature

tens of thousands to the mile

sadly often lay victim

to our neglect and guile.

Its companion, land,

often too weeps

for the wave of muck

that enters its deep.

For shame, we often take for granted

the gift our creator so masterfully planted

For all of life's wonders cradled in its midst,

wrapped around the world for all that exists.


VI. The Angry Sky (Storm/Adversity)

Oh, how angry the sky must be,

with its tempestuous clamor.

Such violent screams of turbulent rage

within billowing rolls of wind and rain.

Why are you crying out?

For what purpose are we victims of your wrath?

Sky: I come to nourish your land,

I come to salve your wounds with my tears.

Why bring such danger?

Why bring such pain?

Sky: Be not fearful, continue to stand

I come to restore, not to swell your fears

I bring balance, growth, healing, and sustenance...

I bring life...


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© 2020 Brian Raphael Nabors