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"Poems of Isolation" Book I, No. 1-3

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

As this great "halt" in the world continues to press onward, I wanted to begin sharing my quarantine poems as I complete them. As I mentioned before, the events of COVID-19 have brought me even closer to all that nature and life hides under our noses as well as all around us. I hope that these little simple musings bring you some comfort in the quieted hush of all that is happening. 🌿☘️🍂🌷🌺

Book 1: Sketches from the Natural World

I. Blankets from Heaven (Clouds)

...mysterious they are,

these blankets of mist

that populate the upper expanse

...carrying great power

and also great fragility

...bringers of life they are

with their gentle drops

that feed all life,

from beast to crop.

...though hail and storm

may rear with great clout,

they are sibling to land

friend to all below.

...blankets from heaven

we thank thee,

for the care earth can feel,

the majesty we can see.


II. Spring

Vernal breaths take flight

as the bees labor with delight,

a time for blossoming

in love and life.

As the crisp, clean breeze

billow beneath our eyes,

we blissfully tuck our bodies

beneath the warm sunshine.

Every fiber in us

shakes off the frost saying,

"This is life!"

...awakened by the promise

of an energetic time of flowering.

...It's warm...

...It's fresh...

...It's clean...

...It's here...

It's now,

It's present,

It's new,

...It's pleasant.

Budding roses

from seeds of great

mark a chapter of renewal

Breathe, see,

breathe it in...

For spring is here

...once again...


III. Larger than Life (Trees)





Foundation built on tectonic solidarity,

whose roots of life reach deep,

carrying the ancient memories of

its terrestrial ancestors...

From a diminutive shell

sprouts these giant stalks of wonder,

home to the fowl,

shelter to the land dweller

...life blood of all.

Each root a network of being,

each branch a window for seeing...

every leaf,

a story.









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