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Brian Raphael Nabors wins Rapido! National Composition Contest

Photo Cred: Chris Helton

My 2019 started off with an absolutely INCREDIBLE experience in Atlanta, GA on Jan. 20th. I was in Atlanta for the national finals of the 2018-19 Rapido! composition competition!

Before I get into the details of the events at the finals, I'll share what a wonderful experience Rapido! is! Rapido! is an exhilarating composition competition hosted by the Atlanta Chamber Players & sponsored by The Antinori Foundation where composers nationally, 50-100 participants in 4 regions across the USA have just 2 weeks to write, prepare and submit a brand new 4-6 minute chamber work. In each of the regions there are professional partner ensembles that select 3 composers from each region to advance to the semi-finals of the competition. From there, one composer from each region is selected to advance to the national finals in Atlanta where the Atlanta Chamber Players perform all the works from which 1 winner is selected. Prizes included are a 2-week creative residency from the Hambidge Center for the Creative and Performing Arts and commissions to expand the 4-6 minute work into a 15-minute work, which all of the partner ensembles nation-wide involved will perform in their next season. To top it all off, Maestro Robert Spano and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra have also agreed to offer a commission to the grand prize winner for the next concert season.

At the finals, I had an incredible time meeting with my other fellow composer colleagues and getting to know them and their music. I was so grateful to be in the company of such awesome artists as well as in the presence of some of my idols in contemporary concert music, judges Robert Spano, Jennifer Higdon, and Michael Gandolfi.

Among the very AMAZINGLY talented finalists/composer colleagues were Mason Waters Johnston, Jason Gerraughty, Eric Segerstrom and Ben Robichaux. It was amazing to hear their musical depth, creativity, and stunning original musical voices. With each piece you could feel the sense of love and support in the room, a genuine appreciation for the music, radiating from the audience to the stage and back!

Todd Skitch (flute), Alcides Rodriguez (clarinet), and Brad Richie (cello), members the Atlanta Chamber Players (also Atlanta Symphony musicians) were equally as stunning!

Overall, it was an unforgettable experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my career!

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