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I'm DYING in the best way...

As this MONSTER of a semester draws to a close, I sit.....dying in the best way. Although I'm SOOOO stressed with multiple projects, teaching 11 students, and 1 final exam in particular that has me scared to death, I sit...blessed and extremely grateful!

I've accomplished a LOT this semester! 'Premiered quite a few exciting new works, including a work for the very awesome Zodiac Trio as well as an awesome premiere of a large chamber work by the Contemporary Directions Ensemble at the University of Michigan. To top it all off, I composed a short work for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra! With that premiere coming up in January and February of 2018, I am also gearing up for the inclusion of my music on 2 collaborative CD projects! One featuring the collaborative efforts of composers and writers/poets, and the other featuring solo unaccompanied works for flute and clarinet.

Also, I am so elated to be participating in the Creative Commissions project with my colleague Andy Villemez. Each year, young pianists are paired with composers who then write pieces for them, catering to any particular interests as well as techniques. This creates an opportunity for the student to work with a living composer and develop an appreciation for new music as they develop as artists. There is then a recital held at the College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati, featuring the newly composed works! Check it out here: https://www.andyvillemez.com/pcp

There is ALSO the residency of the very awesome Unheard-Of Ensemble coming to CCM in February, which I'm definitely planning to submit a piece for!

So much to do! My brain hurts just thinking about it. The saving grace is that I'm officially 1/2 way through my doctorate! I've taken advantage of spreading my schedule out going forward so that I can't end up with this many classes and responsibilities for the rest of my time in the degree program. I'm SOOO looking forward to all the wonderful opportunities and for how much more my career will grow in 2018!

So.....I may be "dying" but I'm not dead yet! Here's to the future and to the numerous stressful (but rewarding) endeavors to come!

That's my two cents...

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