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Well...back to the ole' grind! 😬

Well...It's been a LONGGGGGG summer of GREAT productive work; filled with a giant stress blob of meeting compositional deadlines, teaching kids and teens music, and learning a 263 page packet of a broadway musical in 3 weeks!

Yes...I thought I'd just might die about a week ago (literally finishing a piece on the date of the deadline approximately 2 hours before a scheduled flight), but a nice extended Florida/Alabama vacation has rehabilitated me for what I believe will be a most productive year. As I begin the second year of my doctorate, I suddenly realize that I'll be much busier than I was before. 'Got a full set of awesome, interesting courses I'm VERY eager to take, a composition graduate assistantship I just can't wait to start, and a new crop of challenging pieces to give birth to! One of them being my dissertation; a concerto for Hammond organ and orchestra!

Trying my hand at a piano concerto this past fall and spring taught me a WHOLE lot about writing for the orchestra as an accompanist, as well as a soloist's role in that type of musical environment. Writing this new piece means everything to me, as I have played the Hammond organ for many years, during many church services, and some non-church stuff too! It is deeply tied to my faith & spirituality, which governs my creativity. Many aspects of my personal sound have come from my experiences as a pastor's kid on Sunday morning, listening to the instrument move the congregation, choir, drums, etc, and simultaneously crafting what would later become my lust for interesting harmonic transitions and colorations. I would go into detail about what a challenge it's going to be to pair an instrument with 253,000,000 sound combinations (given on record by the Hammond company itself, lol) with an orchestra (also with an equally different amount of sound combinations and timbres), but I'll save that for an entirely different post exclusively about the project!

I've started idea sketching and I'm allowing the sound world of the piece to come to me rather than me try to force creation. Things must sit in the melting pot for a while since we're crafting a person's musical experience 🙂. At least that's how I feel, 😅. Those flavors have to get jusssst right before we turn the stove off, allow it to cool, and then serve it to the listeners...I don't write a single note until I'm satisfied with the passage I've just created in my brain. Even then you'll still go back and change notes, rhythms, or even a whole PASSAGE of music around, 😂.

Anyways, I very much look forward to getting back into the swing of things, gaining experience, as well as experiencing a plethora of new stuff with friends, colleagues, and new found musical connections! As you were! Back to work!

...that's my two cents...


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