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I'm a BUSY BEE, y'all...One of the HARDEST things I've yet to manage as a working artist is how to tackle multiple projects at once! Here's a list of all of the pieces that I hope I'll be able to complete or partially complete by the end of the summer:

1. Concerto for Hammond Organ and Orchestra (My Dissertation) - 1st and maybe half of the 2nd movement...

2. Chamber Ensemble Piece - by July 31st!

3. Wind Ensemble Piece - for the annual ensemble readings. I really want to complete it before school starts in August so I'm not writing it during the school year when I want to be working on finishing my dissertation!

4. New Orchestral Piece - same as above!

5. Piano Trio - I've got one movement finished, but need to finish 2 more! I want to record this piece in the fall with the piano trio I just formed with my friend!

6. Piano Sonata No. 2 - I wanted to compose a second sonata as part of a recording project of my piano works in the fall/spring! 

7. Album for the Young - Also for my recording project! It's a set of 15 small pieces for young pianists.

.....Well.....on top of ALL that...

I have a church job (weekly rehearsals and services), I teach piano, I took a summer music director position for an organization that works with youth to put on musical productions, and I'm in a band (weekly rehearsals plus quite a few gig dates this summer!).

I guess I should just accept the fact that I'm not going to complete everything as quickly as I'd like. I've learned it's okay to let some stuff go even though you REALLY don't want to! It'll get done eventually. Priorities first!

Here are some quick tips to tackle all of your craziness, too. These have helped me as I'm figuring out my own mess of a schedule: 

1. Do only the things you have to now, and put off the things that can actually wait. You'll never get ANYTHING done if you make it ALL a priority.

2. Work smart, not hard. Try not to do too much in one day! Tackle one thing at a time unless you got the multitasking prowess of a god, haha.

3. Have a plan. I've often found that I finish things quicker when there has been a set of parameters or some type of plan for the project/piece previously laid out. This allows you to have goal oriented work sessions that enable you to accomplish specific tasks! You're more confident and self-motivated to continue working if you feel you've accomplished something every time you sit down!

4. Relax and HAVE FUN! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, indeed! When you've finished a session, get up! Go get a coffee! Run, jump, skip, hop! Get the crick out of your neck! Go to the park! Play! Run! Go see a movie! Go on a date! ...or...just sit and binge watch an entire season of a TV series on Netflix (that's what I like to do). Always remember to take time for yourself and get your mind off of your work. It's what keeps you sane and HUMAN! People always ask me why I never appear too stressed and I'm always laid back. It's because I ALWAYS make time to do what "I" want! We all NEED a recharge after we've done a long, strenuous, amount of work, particularly when we've hit a creative block. Sometimes getting away from it and coming back to it later enables us to see our work through a different lens (allowing us to see whether it truly stinks or not! Hahahaha!), which can sometimes lead to better results!

So...don't mind me....I'll just be hard at work trying to make sense of why I chose this difficult, scary, lonely, isolated, mind numbing, tedious, stress filled, wonderful, jubilant, emotionally rewarding, life enriching, adventurous, freakin' AWESOME profession...

...That's my two cents...


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