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Piano Sonata

Score available from Subito Music

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Piano Sonata (2016) by Brian Raphael Nabors

Piano Sonata (2016) by Brian Raphael Nabors

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Piano Sonata (2016) by Brian Raphael Nabors 

Performed by Joe Williams

Published by Raphael Press, Distributed by Subito Music Corporation 

Broadcast on October 28, 2020 in the Great Hall at Town Hall Seattle
Produced by Town Hall Seattle
Sound Engineer: Bruno L’Ecuyer
Video Engineer: Josh Manley

The piano is such a brilliant instrument, filled with many elements of expression. The "Sonata Narrative" has been told countless times by many different composers. It has been an incredible journey to craft my own unique story amongst a sea of musical narratives, each displaying attributes of life that have helped to shape the composer's musical language. In this work, I sought to allow the essence of pure emotion to speak freely, lending itself to whatever harmonies and rhythmic occurrences came forth. Much of what I write involves color and imagery, with this work being no different. It is not about any story or image in particular, so I wanted the performer/ listener to decide for his/ herself.

It is written as a single large narrative in which the material of each section grows in rhythmic complexity. From the beginning, singing voices lend themselves to an ever growing wall of sound that finally dissipates into a contrapuntal agitato. Once the climax of the piece is reached, the ethereal atmosphere from the start serves as a "return home."

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