Piano Concerto (2016-) (in revision)

Piano Concerto explores a rich amount of diverse textures within the orchestra to create a new yet familiar sound world. I wanted a piece that would be a worthy addition to the concerto repertoire; something that would bring about a freshness to the contemporary spectrum of concerto writing, but with all of the classic niches that the vast history of concerto writing provides. I plan to extend this piece into 3 movements.


Orchestral Reading by CCM Philharmonia, Brian Raphael Nabors, soloist.

University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music (CCM), April 2017



2[1.2/pic.] 2[1.2/Eh] 2[1.2/bcl] 2[1.2/cbn]-4/2/2/1-tmp+3-hp-pno-str

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