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Sonata for Oboe & Piano

Score and Parts available from Subito Music

Click Here to view score

I was asked to compose this work by my very good friend & oboist Bonnie Farr for the International Double Reed Society Conference of 2016.  It was written during a very modest time in my compositional development, where color and form were at the very heart of each work. I sought to write a sonata that was timeless, almost classic in color and emotional range, and tells a very captivating story through the tapestry of its harmonic language, and stark rhythmic shifts. The oboe is a widely expressive instrument with many emotional colorations, from the whimsical, to the utmost passionate melodic phrases. I wanted a "classic" contemporary model of what an early 21st century oboe sonata could be. It is my great hope that all who listen to this work enjoy it as much as I loved composing it.

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