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Nuclear Winter

for 2-Channel Fixed Media (2017)

After a harsh nuclear disaster in your city, you emerge from your bomb shelter, having spent 5 days without food. It is barely safe to go outside, but your hunger leaves you desperate, so you venture out anyway. With a small bag containing 3 bottles of water, you begin to walk in search of refuge; of anything left. You immediately notice that everything as far as your eyes can see has been completely leveled. The effects of the explosion have triggered a violent dust storm that overtakes your area, but you continue to walk. After walking for what seems like an eternity, you notice a clearing where the dust has begun to settle. Before you can reach it, a siren begins to roar, signaling the approach of another bomb... 

The work was created using built synths in Logic, collected pre-recorded sounds, as well as combined with patches made in SuperCollider.

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