Let It Ring! for Orchestra (2017)
3/3/3/3 4/3/3/1 Timp. Per. 1-3, Harp, Piano, Strings
Let It Ring! was composed for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra for the Express Yourself! Young People's Concerts for performance in January and February 2018. The piece incorporates the orginally composed melody of the 2017-18 winner of the CSO's Young People's Concerts Melody Writing Contest, in which young people from Cincinnati area schools are invited to compose and submit a melody to be incorporated in a brand new piece commissioned by the orchestra. It has truly been a pleasure to participate in this annual event as I strongly
believe in the power of music to shape lives, societies, and eventually our world.
John Lawrie, from Covington Catholic High School (Convington, KY) and winner of the 2017-18 Young People's Concerts Melody Contest, composed the winning melody entitled, America's Proud Lullaby (The Bellinger's Song).
The participating students in the contest also used poetry as a source of inspiration for their melodies. Mark Flanigan, Cincinnati-based poet/writer and winner of the 2015 One City, One Symphony Poetry Contest wrote an inspiring poem about social justice, entitled "The Bell Ringer's Song," who's endearing message lies at the heart of this piece; to let our bells ring relentlessly in the spirit of love, freedom, and equality.

The Bellringer's Song
Mark Flanigan
let it ring
the bell's yoke made from American elm
mixed with tears from the trail and let it ring
blood-sweat from the blackbird's migration
swept windward from the ivory coast
by history and an inequitable liberty
let it ring lest we forget our bell does
sit in the shadow of a shared house
let it ring if flight brings with it responsibility
if blessing we wish to refrain from becoming curse
all the more reason to take wing and let it ring
though the dancer's lithe shoulders move under heavy cloak
though our lips are cracked as imperfectly as our bell no matter
the late start in an uneven race nor the obstructed view from the back
of the bus still we must let it ring unto all the inhabitants the world over
no matter who may or may not be listening no matter how well fastened the
clapper be chained no matter how tired the hand that pulls the string let it ring
no matter how high the wall or cramped the hold no matter the distance from shore
to sea throw off the yoke of history shrug off the cloak of inequality and let it ring
until all the chains of injustice break free each of us born with a song and thus we must sing let it ring            let it ring           let it ring

© 2020 Brian Raphael Nabors