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Music Lives On In A Pandemic

Take a look at some of the awesome collaborations and interviews I've had with friends and inspiring leaders in the arts who've helped to keep music making and inspiration alive during this great time of isolation.


Rallywith Tim Hagen

Take a listen to the wonderful interview I had with my friend and colleague, brilliant flutist and composer, Tim Hagen on his new podcast, Rally: a podcast about resilient people, for resilient people. I was honored to be a guest on his first episode. We talk musical beginnings, the many influences of my music, vision for creating community, and the role resilience has played in my life. I also participate in his "60 Creative Seconds" segment in which I read one of my Quarantine poems entitled "Luminance," accompanied by Tim's flute improvisation. You can subscribe to Rally anywhere you get your podcasts.

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"You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been."

Maya Angelou

Statue with Flowers

Three Sisters

by The well

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If you want an absolutely uplifting highlight to your life, energy and awareness, please-baby-please subscribe to the Three Sisters Podcast by The Well RIGHT NOW! It'll bless you! It shares the stories of the Beard sisters: Devona, Rana, and DeAndra. These sisters are some of the most phenomenal women I've had the fortune of meeting and working with. They tell incredible stories from the Black perspective, share their wonderful culturally affluent life growing up, as well as their unique views as powerful individuals.

In every episode, there's truly a message for everybody.

I have the honor and privilege of serving as music producer for the show. Below, is episode 5, where I join them to talk about our shared traditions of the church, family life, and deep rooted history of Gospel music. There is some rich conversation in here you don't want to miss. Subscribe WHERE EVER you get your podcasts.

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...Inspired To Inspire

My work is about self reflection. I seek to bring my listeners face to face with humanity and life's mysteries. It's about crafting an experience that will draw the listener inward to contemplate life and nature on a more intimate level. 

As a composer, I'm on a constant search for new ways to connect us through stories that allow us to see our world and one another. Music is the most powerful tool we have to change everything...


"There's no history being made if new music's

not being played"

Brian Raphael Nabors


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