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...and Beyond

for Cello and Electronics

Score/Electronics available soon. 

Click Here to view score.

...and Beyond was commissioned by cellist Angelique Montes for premiere and release on her album Refraction which features solo cello works by black composers that showcase the range and versatility of black artistry. As Montes describes, "The album title, Refraction, represents the myriad of paths and directions black artistry radiates."

The piece is a 10 1/2 minute journey through time and space. The work takes the listener through a series of epic episodes. You first begin at the launch pad of a space craft. The craft then takes off, leaves the orbit of earth, zips past all the planets of our solar system then into interstellar space. The texture of the electronics grows gradually more sparse as you enter the last phase of the piece when our space craft has exited the Milky Way galaxy some 200,000 years later if traveling at light speed.

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