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Thanks so much for visiting my home on the web. Feel free to scroll down and see all of my recent artistic activities as well as explore the various pages containing my work and collaborations.

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Colorful Abstract Painting

Latest Projects | Commissions

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Colorful Wall

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Icare ifyou

Check out my latest interview on

I Care If You Listen (.com)


New Music

...and Beyond for

Cello & Electronics

Commissioned by cellist

Angelique Montes, check out this new work for solo cello and electronics featured on her new album Refraction. This awesome album also features works by Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson,

Tania León, Nathalie Joachim, and Sophia Bass.

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Foggy Lake

Reflections for

Solo Guitar

Commissioned by Ex-Aequo artists, check out this new work for solo guitar in addition to many other works a part of Ex-Aequo's "Changing the Canon" project, supporting new solo guitar music by living black composers.

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Check out my Blog...

Life often keeps me from writing very often, but I'm working to change that. It's a blog of musings, artistry, life & its various adversities. Feel free to check back every once and a while to see what I'm up to!

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